Guest Author Ben Nuttall-Smith – Surrey Muse

14 Feb

Guest Author Ben Nuttall-Smith – Surrey Muse.

Blood, Feathers & Holy Men

13 Feb

Blood, Feathers & Holy Men.

Blood, Feathers & Holy Men

13 Feb

This is a story of Quétzalcoatl – a major Toltec, Mayan and Aztec deity, connecting the ancient myth to a Tenth Century European Irish priest, a handful of young monks, two Norsemen, and an Irish slave-girl. En route the reader is treated to the lifestyles of impoverished Irish monks, marauding Vikings, the first nations in a new world and the early civilizations of what would one day become North and Central America.

ISBN 9781926763101 Paperback • 6 x 9 in • 252 pages $23.00


Secrets Kept / Secrets Told

13 Feb

This 105,000 word story of Personal Growth, relates a journey of recovery, showing that anyone can heal from abuse and PTSD, giving readers insight and hope. The story documents a lifetime of running from the debilitating guilt of childhood sexual and physical abuse. Throughout most of his life, Paddy didn’t know why he was running or from what. This autobiographical novel chronicles the journey from silence, to denial, to a healed, healthy, and creative, love relationship with a wonderful partner.

Accounts are raw and authentic, interspersed with humour and understanding, illustrating that sometimes one must break down to break through and that it is never too late to reclaim a thriving and joyful life.

ISBN: 9781926763187  Paperback • 6 x 9 in • 252 pages $23.00

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13 Feb

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